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Welcome to The Pride Group!


         All of us carry memories of our past.  Special occasions that are imbedded in our minds.  Some good; some bad and some that we would like to forget.  We, at The Pride Group, want to create meaningful memories working with individuals with disabilities and their families.  How do we do that?  We put our personal signature into our job and that includes giving a helping hand to the individuals we serve in our communities.  We like to create memories for each consumer we serve.  Throughout our website we want to share thoughts and pictures of how we accomplish this personal signature.  A thought that I have heard and remember is from Barbara Glanz, she shares these words:


The Simple Truths of Service:

Great Service Comes from the Heart

“Great service comes from the inside out.  You cannot mandate it.  You can’t threaten, reward, or coerce people to care. You can only awaken the desire and then give them the permission and encouragement to make it come alive in their work.

Simply said, if people don’t have in their hearts the desire to serve and make a difference for others, they will not give great service.”



Thank you for looking into the services we provide.